Indoor Putting Green

Brian Wertz | 07/23/14

Putting makes up at least half of your golf game.

Betsy Weaver | 07/22/14

Putting practice is the most important part of any golf game. Just about every golf pro has a green made of artificial putting green turf in their backyard.

Gail Huffstutler | 07/21/14

If you have a hard time dealing with pressure, then you will probably need to practice putting more.

Diane Smalanskas | 07/19/14

You can teach your kids to putt when our putting green dealers installs a synthetic turf putting green in your backyard.

Amy Thyer | 07/18/14

Putting practice on an artificial putting green turf will be very similar to what it is on the golf course.

B Konish | 07/17/14

You can enhance your golf game by practicing putts at the golf course or in your backyard. You will enjoy golf more if you are a better putter.

Bonnie Pushee | 07/17/14

If you can't sink a putt, you won't be a good golfer. If you can sink a six foot putt, you will play better golf.

George Proudfoot | 07/17/14

Showing your kids how to putt in your own backyard is a going to make the good golfers when they get older.

Christy Matus | 07/16/14

Our putting green dealers can install a chipping pad on your artificial putting green turf.

Bonnie Dunn | 07/15/14

If you are not a good putter, then you will not be a good golfer.

Angelo Grasso | 07/13/14

Working on the same putt from the same distance over and over is the way to get better at it.

Donna Salgado | 07/12/14

You should improve putting skills if you want to improve your golf game.

Casey Sollock | 07/10/14

If you love to golf, you may want to be one of our putting green dealers. We offer a putting green dealership program and teach you how to install a putting green.

Chrissy Stockinger | 07/10/14

Be sure you pivot at the hip when you swing a golf club.

Arthur Masarky | 07/08/14

We can show you how to install a putting green on any terrain, even a rooftop.

Bonnie Fernandez | 07/08/14

Walking on a golf course is good exercise and putting in your backyard is a lot of fun. Our putting green dealers can install a synthetic turf putting green in your backyard so you can practice putting every day.

Daniel Beckler | 07/08/14

Golfers who do not practice putting every day are not the best golfers.

Dorothy Landon | 07/07/14

Be sure you don't turn your entire body when you swing a golf club.

Doona Trinque | 07/07/14

Focus is the main thing that's missing when people miss a golf putt.

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