Indoor Putting Green

Glenda Noblitt | 07/30/14

Be sure you don't turn your entire body when you swing a golf club.

Debbie Williams | 07/29/14

Putting practice is the most important part of any golf game.

Anthony Longoria | 07/28/14

Putting makes up at least half of your golf game.

Charles Lonsdale | 07/28/14

You should practice putting putts from one foot to six feet away from the hole. If you practice focusing on the ball when you putt in your backyard, you'll play better golf.

Ben Kraushaar | 07/27/14

The better you putt, the better your golf scores will be. If you have trouble with putts from ten feet, then practice ten foot putts.

Daphne Evans | 07/25/14

Practicing specific putts from the same distance is what you need to do.

Don Shumaker | 07/25/14

If you can't get the ball in the hole at close distances, you need a synthetic putting green in your back yard so you can practice.

David Woodruff | 07/23/14

If you love to golf, you may want to be one of our putting green dealers.

Chuck Sexton | 07/22/14

There are millions of golfers in the world who are not very good golfers.

Brandi Bock | 07/21/14

If you consider yourself a golfer but don't have the best golf score, you can improve it by practicing putting on a backyard putting green.

Ann Acuff | 07/20/14

You will enjoy golf more if you are a better putter.

Anna Stimpson | 07/20/14

Our putting green dealers can install a chipping pad on your artificial putting green turf.

Beverly Holmes | 07/19/14

You can buy the best golf equipment, but if you can't putt you will be a bad golfer. Long putts may be easier for your to sink than short putts.

Chuck Whitt | 07/19/14

We can install an artificial putting green in your basement or in an extra bedroom.

Charles Dixon | 07/19/14

If you are not a good putter, then you will not be a good golfer. If you want to win golf tournaments, you'll need to be able to sink putts from all distances.

Audrey Schiff | 07/19/14

Showing your kids how to putt in your own backyard is a going to make the good golfers when they get older.

April Werley | 07/18/14

Putting practice on an artificial putting green turf will be very similar to what it is on the golf course.

Debra Samu | 07/18/14

If you are a putting green dealers candidate, you should check in with us. Be aware of the speed of the ball when you practice putting.

Donald Robinson | 07/16/14

If you can't sink a putt, you won't be a good golfer.

Anna Tweed | 07/14/14

Working on the same putt from the same distance over and over is the way to get better at it.

Alexis Andronikos | 07/12/14

You might be surprised at how many people want to be a putting green dealer.

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